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Online Learning at Open Campus

Academic Calendars

The New School academic year consists of fall and spring semesters and a summer term. Online courses follow the same academic calendar as on-campus courses, with a syllabus organized on a weekly module. You can view and download printable calendars for upcoming years here. In the first week, students receive basic guidelines about postings and communication and learn how to navigate the virtual classroom. 

Technical Requirements

To enter the classroom, all you need is an Internet connection and a browser. Apps are available for mobile devices. Any particular software required for a course will be described in the course description. To enter your class, you enter the user ID and password that you receive from The New School after you register.

Online students are reminded that for successful participation and completion, online courses depend on reliable access to the Internet and a computer, laptop, or mobile device. If you are traveling, be sure to check on Internet availability before your trip. Also, students who intend to take an online course while outside of the United States should check from their location to be certain they can access the course.

Getting Started with Canvas

Want to learn more about the experience of learning online at The New School? Watch our three short tutorials and find out all about how to get the most out of our online learning portal, Canvas.

Registration & Enrollment

After you register, you will receive confirmation by mail with information about your classes, how to log in to your student account (MyNewSchool), required books and course packets, how to enter the online learning portal, and library resources and other student services, such as the University Writing Center.

For students new to online learning, The New School provides an online technical orientation and guidance on additional resources. The orientation includes short exercises to familiarize students with the system. Visit the online student orientation center the first time you log in to the online learning portal (user ID and password required). The orientation remains available for reference throughout the semester.

Refund Policies — For Open Campus Students Only

Tuition will be refunded in full only if your official withdrawal is received before the first day of the academic term. Otherwise, any refund will be prorated as described in the Add/Drop Schedules. Please note that the first day of the academic term may occur before the first meeting day of your course (see Academic Calendar).

Exception for Online Courses

The first week of online courses is an orientation. Written notice of withdrawal received during the first week the course is online will qualify the student for a full refund. After that, refunds will be prorated as per the table below.

Refund Policy for Online-Only Students Who Currently Reside in Indiana, Oregon, Maryland, or Wisconsin

Please note that if you are currently residing in these states and all of your registered courses are ONLINE ONLY at The New School, your refund for voluntarily withdrawing from any and all courses will be as follows:

  • Less than 10% of term = 100% refund 
  • 10% up to but not including 25% = 80% refund 
  • 25% up to but not including 30% = 60% refund 
  • 30% up to but not including 50% = 50% refund 
  • 50% up to but not including 75% = 25% refund 
  • More than 75% = no refund

The institution will make a proper refund within 31 days of the student's request for cancellation.

*If you are a resident of one of these states but attend any in-person classes on the campus of The New School in New York City, the above refund policy does NOT apply to you — even if you also are enrolled in an online course. Please refer to the standard refund policy in such cases.

See Refund Schedule.

Deadline to Change Course Status

Fall and Spring Semester Full-Term and Online Courses

This schedule applies to all classroom courses scheduled to start during the first week of the semester and meet for 10-15 weeks and to all online courses.

Schedule Type Deadline to Change Course Status
On-site 10–15 weeks
Before the end of week 2
Online 15 weeks
Before the end of week 2
Online 9 weeks
Before the end of week 2
Online 5 weeks
Before the end of week 2
More than a course.
A new kind of network.
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