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Take your team to the next level

At Open Campus, we nurture and challenge ambitious teams that are both entrenched in professional practices—and challenge the status quo.

We support leading talent managers in reaching their goals for team development by granting them access to The New School’s unique, progressive approach to entrepreneurship.

Our visionary, world-renowned faculty are innovative players in a rapidly evolving world economy. Their elevated level of expertise, across a multitude of industries, provide professionals with the skills needed to be flexible, knowledgeable, and relevant executives.  

Training and development professionals looking to implement their own programs can explore our Designing Online Learning Programs certificate, which teaches virtual collaborative capacities and skills related to designing curricula, choosing delivery platforms, managing best practices, and attracting and retaining learners.

Metersbonwe is a leading fashion brand in China. In 2016, Parsons provided us an executive training program that was a perfect interpretation of combining knowledge and information with real practice. Zhou Chengjian, Metersbonwe Chairman
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