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Foundations of Writing
Short Courses
Academic Writing: Short Course
Writing well is the key to success in college. This course teaches students the foundations of academic writing: the nature of research; the skills of criticism, analysis, and argumentation; the process of revision; and the basics of correct grammar and American English usage. Note: Students for whom English is a foreign language should take ESL Academic Writing instead of this course.
Mar 04 - May 13
Spring 2019
Building the Sentence
Good writing is the sum of its verbs, and every writer who wants his or her words on the page to be taken seriously must master certain skills. In this short course, students focus on two essential components of composition that trip up even seasoned writers: verb use and syntax. Exercises illustrate the correct use of the past and future tenses and the conditional as well as common mistakes in subject-verb agreement...
Feb 25 - Mar 31
Spring 2019
Style and Effectiveness
It's how you say it. In this short course, students consider the elements that work together to create stylish and effective prose, by dissecting the choices every writer makes that add up to style. The class reads examples of effective prose by best-selling authors, including Toni Cade Bambara, Garrett Hongo, and Amy Tan, and students write short pieces inspired by the readings and workshop them in class. This cours...
Apr 01 - May 05
Spring 2019
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