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In this course, learn how to digitally model interior spaces using SketchUp and its SU Podium extension. SketchUp is a one of the leading 3D computer modeling softwares in the interior design and architecture industries, allowing designers to quickly and effectively bring their ideas to life. This course will teach the SketchUp software, its history, and its context within design industries, and will focus on acquiring the technical skills required to create realistic three-dimensional models. Learn how to build surfaces, volumes, objects, and spaces, how to produce technical and scaled architectural drawings, and how to produce photo-realistic renderings. Furthermore, learn how to utilize these documents within the context of design professions. Familiarity with AutoCAD software is desired but not required. Online students must have SketchUp Pro (desktop edition) on either a Mac or Windows platform, along with the SU Podium extension. Discounts are available to online students through the New School website.

  • Programs: Certificate Programs
  • Format: Online
  • Section: X2
  • Course Number: CRN 10178 - PCDD 0203 X2
  • Kuhn, Elizabeth
Oct 12 - Dec 19
Fall 2020
CRN 10178
What you will learn
  • How to model objects and spaces using the SketchUp program
  • How to produce scaled architectural drawings and drawing sets using SketchUp Layout
  • How to create photo-realistic renderings using the SU Podium extension
  • How to digitally convey accurate, well-articulated, and cohesive design ideas and proposals
  • How to build a complete, portfolio-ready project, from initial concept to final delivery
  • How SketchUp and SU Podium function with the design industries, and how they can be employed as a representational tool for designers
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