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Information Design for Visual Storytelling

The field of Data Visualization combines 3 disciplines of study: Graphic Design, Statistics, and Computer Science. In order for a visualization to be dynamic, aesthetic and insightful it must involve successful application of all three practices. This course will focus on developing students’ information graphics skill set specific to creating visual stories. It will include critical thinking projects that relate to real life information design needs, both for standalone infographics and when producing graphics for dynamic visual stories.

  • Programs:
  • Format: Online
  • Section: X1
  • Course Number: CRN 1800 - PCSP 0832 X1
  • Chu, Emily
Jun 29 - Aug 09
Summer 2020
CRN 1800
What you will learn
  • ○ Build on skills and concepts introduced in the course Designing Information Graphics.
  • ○ Introduce students to advanced topics in the field of information graphics.
  • ○ Introduce students to advanced data and graphic applications used to develop and produce information graphics for static and interactive visualizations.
  • ○ Develop a project that students can use in their portfolio.
  • ○ Guide students to consider where they might fit into the information graphics field.
  • ○ Develop advanced skills necessary for information design and visual storytelling.
  • ○ Gain an understanding of the information graphics design field as a potential career.
  • ○ Meet and network with practitioners in the field.
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