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Data Visualization Portfolio

To conclude the Data Visualization and Storytelling Certificate program, this course will specifically focus on preparing students with a tangible digital portfolio of data visualization projects that showcase their ability to perform in the contemporary Data Viz workplace. It will involve building an online portfolio site and guest lectures from Data Visualization working professionals. It will allow hands on portfolio development of past projects created in other classes within the certificate program or by students independently. There will be ongoing critiques and portfolio reviews from both internal and external audiences to ensure the most polished work exists by the completion of the course. Students must have a body of work to participate in this course.

  • Programs:
  • Format: Online
  • Section: X1
  • Course Number: CRN 1972 - PCSP 0834 X1
  • Buchanan, Lawrence
Jul 06 - Aug 15
Summer 2020
CRN 1972
What you will learn
  • o Have a strong understanding of best practices for developing portfolio-ready visualization projects, with specific emphasis on what corporate employers are looking for.
  • o Be able to discuss and critique a variety of data visualization and information graphic work, understanding the breadth of styles of products that exists within the field today.
  • o Develop a complete digital portfolio of 3-5 data visualization works that have been reviewed and polished.
  • o Participate in an open critique of course work with data visualization and product-driven professionals from the corporate sector, learning from qualified experts in the field/industry.
  • o Build a professional portfolio for career growth and job opportunities
  • o Apply best practices and insider tips on how to showcase your work to potential employers
  • o Develop a profound understanding of the data visualization professional field and career landscape
  • o Combine design, statistics and data analytics skillsets to your work and thinking
  • o Perfect your ability to tell stories through visual representation of data
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