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Public Relations: Practice and Critique

Students learn practical skills for conducting public relations campaigns through traditional and online course outlets. They also explore theories of human behavior that help PR specialists develop campaigns and understand a campaign’s effectiveness. Other readings compare public relations with propaganda campaigns and cover ethical issues involved in using information to manipulate behavior.

  • Programs:
  • Format: On Campus
  • Section: A
  • Course Number: CRN 4602 - NMGT 0120 A
Jan 22 - May 07
6:00 - 7:50 PM
Spring 2019
CRN 4602
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What you will learn
  • The role, process, strategy, tactics, practice and application of public relations work;
  • To apply, adapt and/or build on key public relations philosophies, principles, models and concepts to meet and manage real world communication challenges; and
  • To utilize traditional and non-traditional approaches, tools and technologies to influence group behavior and drive action.
  • To act as public relations stewards: safeguarding brand reputation, maintaining brand equity and managing brand messaging
  • To take ownership of the role, responsibilities and accountabilities of the “public relations practitioner”
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding about public relations
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