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Color Theory

Discover color and its implications for designers and artists. Study ideas of space and the use of color to solve spatial problems. Look at color harmony and the way colors interact, as well as color qualities and combinations. Online students must have access to a scanner. Prerequisites: none.

Aug 26 - Oct 27
Fall 2019
CRN 5093
What you will learn
  • The different aspects of color; what color is and its different properties; how to train your eyes to analyze these properties accurately.
  • The different means to use color in design by learning about the various color schemes, about how colors interact with each other, and about color transparency.
  • About split complementary scheme, using monochromatic colors, or making one color appear as two colors.
  • Understand the different properties of color, and develop the ability to gauge these properties accurately.
  • Learn to organize these properties cohesively, and to understand their interrelationship, through the Munsell Color System.
  • Explore the different aesthetic and creative dimensions of color.
  • Learn to set up and execute different color schemes, understand their visual properties, and to use them effectively in your own work.
  • Learn how colors appear differently under different contexts and, consequently, how to use different contexts to dictate the appearance of a color.
  • Learn the practical applications of what we learned in class by examining various art works.
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