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Commercial Interior Design

Students explore the design process for a commercial project in a studio environment. They begin with a concept and develop their idea into a coherent interior space, exploring issues of spatial layout and signifi- cance, materials and finishes, lighting, and furniture. Students present their final projects, complete with rendered drawings and a materials board. Prerequisites: Basic Drafting and Basic Interior Space Planning, Interior Design Basic Core, or the equivalent.

  • Programs: Certificate Programs
  • Format: On Campus
  • Section: A
  • Course Number: CRN 5146 - PCID 0111 A
  • Babarcich, Ferruccio
Sep 10 - Dec 03
7:00 - 9:30 PM
Fall 2019
CRN 5146
What you will learn
  • Processes, methods, and techniques used in the design of interior spaces
  • How to analyze spatial problems, express visual ideas, and develop design responses
  • Through an iterative series of design exercises, the studio will develop an understanding of spatial systems and their application in the production of interior spaces
  • Through hands-on design work, readings, and lectures, students will form an individual approach to each assignment, and will produce proposals that are both strongly conceptual and beautifully represented
  • Throughout the development of their projects, the students will be asked to address the experiential components of their spaces, such as light, movement, and sequence
  • The studio is intended to be experimental, and students should pursue their explorations through an iterative creative process driven by strong design intent
  • Development of design values and process
  • Application of research to the design process
  • Representing space in two and three dimensions
  • Understanding principles of scale in design
  • Understanding and integrating natural and artificial light into the design of an interior
  • Understanding the body in space, including sensory and experiential aspects of design
  • Programming and client requirements
  • Developing color, materials, objects, and furnishings in interior design
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