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Consumer Behavior
Consumer Behavior

Today’s competitive marketing climate has led many companies to explore theories of consumer behavior. This course focuses on the profile of the consumer—psychographics and demographics—and consumer interests, with an emphasis on generational marketing. Segmented and niche markets and their development are also discussed. Prerequisites: none.

What you will learn
  • What is consumer behavior, why it is important to the fashion industry.
  • How demographics and psychographics are assessed to identify specific consumers.
  • Observing behavior with emphasis on research.
  • How fashion marketers communicate.
  • What is “globalization” and why it is important.
  • The importance of consumers and the relationship of them to society.
  • The role environmental influences play in behavior.
  • Why consumers make different decisions.
  • The difference in consumers having different demographics and psychographics.
  • How marketers use social media to learn about and communicate with customers.
CRN 5254 - PCFD 0805 X1

Jan 22 - Mar 31 Spring 2019

Johnson, Marie
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