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Portfolio Development Strategies

This 5 week online course focuses on portfolio development strategies for students who are in the process of applying to colleges of art and design. We will explore what a portfolio is, share examples, and discuss how it can be a powerful tool to share your creative voice. Students will gain access to video tutorials and online resources to explore techniques for shooting quality images of work samples and how to layout visually striking final images using digital imaging software. We will explore how to leverage a sketchbook as an integral part of the portfolio as well as tips for including and writing a compelling personal artist statement. This course will help boost your confidence as you gear up for clicking submit on your college application and we’ll have a lot of fun crafting your unique portfolio along the way.

Oct 28 - Dec 08
Fall 2019
CRN 5257
What you will learn
  • Understand the purpose of an art and design portfolio and its function in the university admission process
  • Identify key elements of a successful portfolio
  • Curate personal art and design work to demonstrate unique voice and creative abilities
  • Apply practical skills to prepare and photograph visually-striking, quality images of work samples
  • Leverage a variety of subject matter and mediums to make your portfolio stand out
  • Outline a compelling personal artist statement

  • Tips and tricks to avoid common pitfalls developing your portfolio
  • Hear from students, instructors, admissions counselor, and working artists
  • Receive expert advice and feedback on developing portfolio content and presentation
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