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Online Retailing
Online Retailing

This course introduces students to the online retailing environment and examines a variety of retail models, from the multichannel strategies of large retailers to small niche concepts. Students learn the retail terminology of the online fashion marketplace and compare Web and traditional brick-and-mortar or catalog retail formats. Special attention is paid to online consumers’ unique shopping habits, preferences, and responses to incentives. The course also examines methods of retail promotion in an interactive online environment and the importance of social media and user-generated content. Students develop a theoretical and practical understanding of online retail store design and ways to build profitable customer relationships. Prerequisites: none.

What you will learn
  • Multi-channel Comparisons: company overviews
  • The Online Customer: identify customer
  • Strategy, Analysis and Implementation: SWOT analysis
  • E-tail Design: evaluation
  • Back-end Services: analyze key services
  • Customer Services: service experience
  • Cross-Channel, Collaborative Marketing, Social Media & Mobile: marketing & collaboration analysis
  • Future of E-tailing, current issues, careers
  • To understand the relationship and synergy between online retailing and other retailing channels.
  • To recognize what makes a good website and web operation, from design and function to marketing and customer service.
  • To learn the history and principles of online retailing and understand the related current issues and opportunities.
CRN 5262 - PCFD 0808 X1

Jan 22 - Mar 31 Spring 2019

Williams, Joshua
Course fee: $776 + fees
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