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Designing Information Graphics

More than 50 percent of our brain's cortex is devoted to processing visual information. With growing amounts of data being thrown our way on a daily and hourly basis, it is more important than ever to be able to deliver information efficiently. Information graphics is one of the most powerful means available to relay complex data to the widest audiences. Some form of information graphics touches the life of almost everyone on the planet, regardless of profession, industry, or culture. This course will empower students to thoughtfully and successfuly bring to life flat numbers and data through engaging and digestible visual representations that can be easily shared with vast audiences. It will address best practices from discovery to production to delivery. The course covers color theory, typography, design hierarchy, balance, symmetry, composition, and grid. In addition, students learn data research, filtering data while 1) generating an idea, 2) conceptualizing and developing the idea, and 3) presenting and delivering a prototype. Counts as a required course toward the certificate in Infographics and Data Visualization.

Oct 28 - Dec 15
Fall 2019
CRN 6054
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