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Data Visualization 101

Data is useless without meaning. To find purpose in data requires bringing it to life through storytelling, visual representation, and analysis. In the age of big data, the rise of data availability, collection, and adoption has been paralleled by an increasing need to communicate information effectively. This need has made the contemporary field of data visualization especially popular. But what exactly is data visualization today? What are the tools, programs, and best practices of this discipline that can be applied in our daily lives? This course covers all the bases in the discipline of data visualization and prepares students to complete advanced-level courses in the Infographics and Data Visualization Certificate program. It serves as a foundation for information design, data analytics, and interactive visualization practices. Through diverse hands-on projects and biweekly guest lectures from industry experts from the world of data visualization, students gain a thorough understanding of this exciting field. Counts as a required course toward the certificate in Infographics and Data Visualization.

Aug 26 - Oct 27
Fall 2019
CRN 6055
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