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Pronunciation Skills for Clear Communication
Pronunciation Skills for Clear Communication

Do people often ask you to repeat yourself? Do you hold back from entering a conversation, or offering your opinion in a workplace meeting or class discussion? This pronunciation workshop for non-native speaking professionals, business people and students, gives you the tools to overcome these obstacles to your career and academic success. Designed to improve and refine pronunciation and articulation, it offers precise exercises to eliminate: lazy tongue and lips, tight jaw, the inability to be heard or understood easily, and monotony. This workshop provides tools to develop breath control, pitch variety, rhythm, projection, and an understanding of components needed for expression in speaking English. Prerequisite: Intermediate level English proficiency.

CRN 7270 - NESL 0801 A

Feb 07 - Mar 14 Spring 2019
Thurs 7:00 PM - 9:50 PM

Marner-Brooks, Elizabeth
Enrollment type: CENC Non-Credit Catalog
Course fee: $420 + fees
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