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From Nuggets to Nourishment: Kids and Food

Why are our kids eating so poorly, and what can we—must we—do about it? Look at the complex web of factors that shape children’s food choices, from the way tastes develop in the womb to the content of school meals to the impact of U.S. farm policy on food prices and family meals.

  • Programs:
  • Format: Online
  • Section: A
  • Course Number: CRN 7287 - NFDS 0240 A
  • Figueroa, Shayne
Oct 07 - Dec 15
Fall 2019
CRN 7287
What you will learn
  • What the latest research is in improving children’s diets
  • How to assess the methods, outcomes and evaluation measures of interventions
  • Experience putting together an action plan
  • Having an extensive set of vetted resources available for further study and action
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