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Social Innovation Theory & Practice

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of social innovation, i.e. developing and implementing novel solutions to thorny and wicked social and environmental problems such as climate change, global health, poverty, inequality, etc. that require institutional change and generatively challenging the fundamental assumptions of how these problems are addressed. These innovative solutions are also more effective, sustainable or just than existing solution and for which the value created accrues primarily to the society than a whole rather to private individuals.

Nov 04 - Dec 15
Fall 2019
CRN 8056
What you will learn
  • Two types of social innovation: transformative and instrumental.
  • How to identify and classify institutional logics.
  • How to strategically draw on and utilize different and sometimes conflicting institutional logics to develop innovation strategies and effect institutional change even as low-power/low-resource actors.
  • Process approach to social innovation.
  • Learn to distinguish between two types of social innovation: transformative and instrumental
  • Learn to identify and map various institutional logics and overlaps and gaps between them.
  • Learn to strategically navigate occasionally conflicting institutional to create lasting institutional logics.
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