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Introduction to Web and Mobile

This course, for complete beginners, will teach you how to design, code and create beautiful websites writing HTML and CSS code - the building blocks of any webpage. Learn to create engaging web pages by adding content and applying visual style. Control the layout and positioning of elements, choose engaging typography, add simple transitions and provide compelling interactions. Master solid usability standards and best-site architecture practices to boost your Google rankings. Apply Responsive Web Design principles to ensure your page designs will transfer to multiple digital formats, from mobile, to a variety of screen sizes and devices. As a final project, students will hand code, build and launch a personal responsive website.

  • Programs: Certificate Programs
  • Format: Online
  • Section: X2
  • Course Number: CRN 9575 - PCDD 0311 X2
  • Alibek, Mira
Oct 12 - Dec 19
Fall 2020
CRN 9575
What you will learn
  • Establish a strong front-end design and development workflow; be able to format code and text with an editor, set up file paths and directories, optimize images for the web and mobile, manage resources and links efficiently and plan for accessibility.
  • Clean up, optimize, lint, debug, check for browser compatibility and validate coding for speed performance.
  • Develop effective interface design, incorporate buttons and hover states, and make the site navigation intuitive, friendly and easy to use.
  • Apply rules for better web typography, style social media icons, and work with svg file formats for greater visual impact.
  • Master the CSS box model, the foundation of layout on the Web as well as grasp techniques for positioning, such as Clearfix or Flexbox.
  • Learn how the internet works, hosting, domains, self-promotion, and content management systems (CMS) will be discussed.
  • Understand common web terminology, work with the web’s unique units of relative and absolute measure, color space, and performance approaches.
  • Look under the hood, and see how existing sites on the web are created more closely by inspecting with Chrome developer tools.
  • Heighten your critical thinking and analytical skills that are required in coding and increase your facility with logic-based solutions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental web development concepts.
  • Integrate a variety of approaches and various media elements into your projects.
  • Demonstrate the ability to research answers and troubleshoot coding problems.
  • Create new job opportunities and boost your income by listing skills with code on your resume.
  • Apply your excellent web design skills to your site which will increase your business in search engines by working with the search engine optimization process.
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