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Film/TV Decades; the 80s

This course examines American film and television during the 1980s from a cultural and industrial perspective, with attention paid to visual and narrative style, as well as genre conventions that distinguish the period.

Nov 04 - Dec 08
Fall 2019
CRN 4273
What you will learn
  • How economic and creative changes taking place in the entertainment industry were unique to the era.
  • Understanding of the importance of the proliferation of home video and cable television; the emerging independent film market; the rise of the film franchise; and the deregulation of the media industry.
  • Characteristics and influence of workplace romantic comedies, the “buddy” film and television series, music video/television, and the teenage angst genre.
  • Students gain visual and critical literacy through viewing a selection of television programs and feature films each week combined with reading and writing assignments.
  • Students take part in Online Course group discussions.
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