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Filmmaking Studio 1

To realize an artistic vision in film requires an in-depth understanding of the technology, process, and tools used. In this workshop, students explore advanced concepts and techniques in film and digital media production through a series of exercises that evolve into increasingly complex collaborative projects. Film Production Certificate students are required to register for the corresponding CT lab.

Jan 22 - May 07
7:00 - 9:45 PM
Spring 2019
CRN 4733
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What you will learn
  • Technical and conceptual fundamentals necessary for the planning, production, and editing of a short 16mm non-sync (MOS) sound film.
  • Familiarity with operation of Bolex camera, tripod, and digital audio recorder.
  • Fundamental theoretical and practical understanding of film stock, film speed, lenses, principles of exposure, basic lighting, and audio recording.
  • Basic working knowledge of digital editing.
  • Greater fluency in the communicative language of cinema and expressive techniques including shot structure, composition, continuity and coverage.
  • Appreciation for modes of filmic expression beyond the conventional narrative.
  • Refined understanding of one’s own personal aesthetics and voice.
  • On-set experience crewing on one another’s productions.
  • Preparation for more ambitious film projects.
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