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Intro to Writing for Screen

This course explores the basic theory, form, art, and craft of writing for the screen—whether for a feature-length film screenplay, a film short, or a serialized television show.

Aug 26 - Dec 15
Fall 2019
CRN 4002
What you will learn
  • The essential concepts of classical dramaturgy, mythic structures, hero psychology, comedic premise, and genre.
  • The principles of storytelling including act structure, plotting, scene construction, character arc, tone, mood, and theme.
  • The formal standards for a variety of screen forms including the three-act structure of the feature film screenplay; the four or five acts plus teaser for an hour-long TV series; the three acts plus tag at the end of a half-hour comedy episode; and a series guide that allows the writer to explore larger themes, character arcs, and season-long dramatic events.
  • By examining popular screenwriting conventions and paradigms as well as rule-bending experiments in storytelling, students learn from both pillars of classic style as well as the cutting edge of the craft.
  • This writing-intensive class approaches screenwriting with assignments designed to teach aspects of craft and protocols of workshopping and critique.
  • Writing exercises are designed to develop creative and critical screenwriting skills necessary to proceed from concept to treatment, which may develop further in either the Film or TV writing track.
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