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Screenwriting 3

Just when you think your screenplay is complete, the rewriting process begins. The focus of this course is improving the first draft, polishing the material for submission to potential agents, producers, directors, or production companies. Pre-requisite: Script Analysis (NSRW 0280), Screenwriting 1: The First Act (NSRW 0381) and Screenwriting 2 (NSRW 0382). Film Production Certificate students are required to register for the corresponding CT lab.

Jan 23 - May 08
6:00 - 7:50 PM
Spring 2019
CRN 4750
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What you will learn
  • Practical principles for rewriting, clarifying dramatic structure, and sharpening dialogue.
  • How to listen and respond to script notes, collect information on screenplay contests, and navigate the screenplay marketplace.
  • Student finish the term with a polished and professional screenplay that’s ready for professional consideration.
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