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Programmatic, Mobile, and Native Marketing (Online)

Take your brand and business to the next level as we explore the roles of digital, mobile, and native marketing. In this course, we will examine the pros and cons of various media, how they relate to each other and data optimization, and how it all comes together to form a campaign. Learn how to expertly assess what media is right for you, and how to leverage media tools to achieve your marketing goals. It is strongly suggested that students take previous courses in the Digital Marketing Certificate, or have previous experience in digital marketing. Open to all students.

What you will learn
  • Understand data optimization and how to leverage it for your digital marketing campaign
  • When and how to use native marketing
  • Learn to navigate programmatic buying, and tools to estimate cost of bidding
  • Understand how conversion pixels work and how to use them
  • Tips and tricks to avoid common pitfalls with programmatic, mobile and native marketing
  • Receive expert feedback as you move forward with your campaign
  • Learn from industry professional
  • Hear from guest experts actively applying these concepts in the field
CRN 6379 - PCSP 0807 X1

Feb 25 - Apr 07 Spring 2019

Custer, Caleb
Enrollment type: Digital Marketing Certificate
Counts towards: certificate in Digital Marketing.
Course fee: $550 + fees
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