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Economic & Cultural Context of Design (Online - 2 of 5)

This course surveys the broader economic and social context in which design leaders work. We examine salient phenomena and concepts such as automation, agility, and resilience and discuss how they affect business and design practices. Students develop thought leadership around select topics to influence strategic conversations within their organizations and in their industries.\n\nThis is one of the five courses that are part of the Design Leadership for Business Certificate, but is open to all students wishing to learn about design thinking. Students pursuing the certificate should take Design Thinking Fundamentals first and Futures and Foresight as the conclusion.

Mar 30 - May 10
Spring 2020
CRN 5080
What you will learn
  • Gain a broad understanding of key trends and forces shaping the economic and social context in the 21st century\nInsight into how decisions are made that incorporate trends, forces, and broader contexts into business practice\nThink critically about problem-framing and the types of remedies that different frames afford on a project of personal interest
  • Ability to discuss salient trends and topics shaping business practices\nFoundation of key readings and discussions to build your own point of view and direct future study\nStimulate discussion at your workplace around key business trends and strategize direction
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