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Design and Innovation for Sustainable Business (Online - 4 of 5)

The discipline of design has great power to shape our reality, and with that power comes great responsibility. This course equips design leaders with the tools necessary to examine the social and environmental implications of design. Students address issues of ethics and sustainability through case studies and debates and develop their own approaches to ethical and sustainable design leadership. This is one of the five that courses are part of the Design Leadership for Business Certificate but is open to all students wishing to learn about design thinking. Students pursuing the certificate should take Design Thinking Fundamentals first and Futures and Foresight as the conclusion.

Oct 28 - Dec 15
Fall 2019
CRN 5238
What you will learn
  • Develop an understanding of sustainability and the challenges around environmental, social and economic issues
  • Be able to articulate why sustainability matters and how to take responsibility as individuals and organizations
  • How to analyze business models by understanding the nine building blocks and their relation to each other
  • Learn ways of designing innovative business models to turn sustainability challenges into competitive advantages
  • Use your design thinking knowledge with an awareness of sustainability
  • Develop your business and workplace with sustainability practices
  • Live and work responsibly following sustainability practices and be able to communicate these principles to others
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