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Making Impactful Infographics
Making Impactful Infographics

In a world of massive global data collection and information flows, distilling information for readily available consumption and comprehension - especially in business contexts - is no easy task. In this course, we look at data documentation, analysis, and visualization as the means to present complex information through compelling visual narratives. Using a practice-based curriculum that fosters peer-to-peer learning, students employ a combination of hand-made and digital tools to produce both design process and final pieces for a variety of growing industries, such as finance, fashion, health, and retail. An information graphic (infographic) is a visual representation of complex data that allows viewers to quickly grasp the essential insights the data contains. Although there are various types of infographics (depending on the nature of the data they represent), all infographics are designed to communicate insights in visually engaging ways. Prerequisite: basic knowledge of design theory; digital skills beneficial but not required. Assignments can be created digitally or by hand. This course does not guide students to learn specific software; however, faculty provide software tutorials for students who want to develop assignments digitally using Photoshop and Illustrator.

What you will learn
  • History of data visualization
  • How to use story telling as a device to construct compelling Infographics
  • Practices for creating effective pieces
  • The fundamentals of design and color theory, cognitive theory, and semiotics and their application to defining structure, hierarchy, and emphasis
  • Research methodologies and strategies for data collection and analysis
  • Collection and analyzation of firsthand data
  • Study the evolution, variations, and types of Infographics
  • Cover theories of color & design, storytelling, visual perception and semiotics that will inform the production of assignments
  • Understand how to construct stories driven by data in order to produce compelling Infographics
  • Learn how to take advantage of open source technology to enhance the accuracy of data collection/analysis
CRN 1483 - PCGA 0810 X1

Jun 04 - Aug 05 Summer 2018

Polo, Niberca
Course fee: $748 + fees
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