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Dig Graphics w/Illustrator 1

This course is for the design student who needs a comprehensive and intensive introduction to Illustrator. Learn to draw, delineate, and design electronically with this standard vector-based illustration and graphic design program. Create curves, lines, and shapes to make objects that can be colored, manipulated, moved, duplicated, scaled, and rotated, generating smooth-lined, clean, scalable graphics or artwork for both print and the Web. Use this course to make Illustrator an integral part of your digital graphics tool kit. Prerequisite: Mac or PC basics. Some prior exposure to Illustrator or Adobe products is desirable.

Aug 26 - Oct 27
Fall 2019
CRN 5079
What you will learn
  • Incorporate and display text around or within the object.
  • The basic tools of Illustrator.
  • How to create, open, and save a file.
  • How to create a document, and ARTBOARD, a basic image using simple shapes, selecting and editing, and how to use the Shaper Tool.
  • How to use the Pen Tool and Brushes.
  • How to create a logo: the principles of Type.
  • Image Tracing.
  • Pattern Art: making patterns.
  • Infographics: a pie chart, column/bar graphs, a layout, 3D effects.
  • How to create an animated GIF.
  • Gain confidence with the software,
  • Build expertise in drawing techniques.
  • Learn how to analyze, organize and build graphics, complete exercises and projects that extend your skills.
  • Understand the process required to start and complete a digital production.
  • Express ideas using vector art.
  • Create and initiate your own personal Logo idea(s).
  • Improve and understand the role of hand drawing skills within illustrator.
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