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Rhino 1

Learn 3D modeling techniques using Rhino 3D—a powerful, versatile modeling software program applicable to design fields including architecture, sculpture, and interior, furniture product, and jewelry design. Rhino is fast, intuitive, easy to learn, and compatible with many other software packages. A wide array of plug-ins enable you to perform an impressive and ever-evolving range of functions with Rhino. Projects help you learn the fundamentals of digital design along with skills such as turning digital models into physical objects using laser cutting, 3D printing, and CNC milling. You develop a sense of freedom and independence using Rhino 3D that provides a foundation for further mastery of this important industry software. Basic familiarity with a PC operating system is helpful but not required.

Jan 26 - Apr 06
1:00 - 3:50 PM
Spring 2019
CRN 5215
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What you will learn
  • The Rhino interface and general settings: navigations, selection, transforms, modeling aides, keyboard functions
  • Solid modeling, curve and surface modeling
  • Curve and surface creation and editing
  • Freeform surface modeling
  • 2D surface patterning
  • Checking model integrity
  • Cross platform workflows
  • Importing blocks, exporting model types
  • Unfolding 3D models
  • Preparation for 2D planar fabrication
  • Preparation of descriptive drawings: rendered views and diagrams
  • Into to Grasshopper
  • Use of scripts
  • Navigate the rhino interface, freely access commands, locate help/reference assets
  • Create, edit, and modify rhino geometry types
  • Import and export geometry of various file types
  • Understand concepts for preparing a model for fabrication
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