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Executing a Healthier Project (Online - 4 of 4)

This course deals with the full process of creating healthier buildings, covering challenges encountered throughout design, construction, maintenance, and operation. The course is framed as a collection of lessons learned through professional experience to help professionals become better informed so that they can make decisions with an overall awareness of the protocols for healthier design. Recommended as the fourth course in a four-course series.

  • Format: Online
  • Section: X1
  • Course Number: CRN 5103 - PCID 0604 X1
  • TBA, Faculty
Jan 19 - May 10
Spring 2021
What you will learn
  • Create a project framework that gets the whole team committed to material health.
  • Have an informed understanding of what the process entails, and be able to set feasible goals.
  • Ability to design and manage the project efficiently, with holistic and comprehensive considerations for health impact.
  • Anticipate construction and maintenance practices that will affect long-term health conditions in the building.
  • 5 AIA CEU HSW Credits
  • 7.5 IDCEC CEU HSW Credits
  • Avail of lessons learned by experienced professionals in the fields of Architecture and Design
  • Gain team building expertise across all projects
  • Situate yourself as part of a movement for change in the realization of healthier built environments
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