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Materials and Human Health (Online - 1 of 4)
Materials and Human Health (Online - 1 of 4)

This introductory course is designed to provide an understanding of the impact building materials can have on human health, demonstrating systematic intricacies that will challenge professionals to keep asking questions while offering suggestions for how they can address these issues in their workplaces. This introduction is situated in the context of design practice, with additional information presented as the course progresses. Must be taken as the first course in a four-course series.

What you will learn
  • Understand the relationships between human health, building materials, chemical toxicity, and environmental exposures
  • Ability to integrate these issues within the greater context of building materials and environmental health
  • Ability to identify the health and environmental impacts that building products can have throughout their the life cycle
  • Apply strategies for addressing the issues around materials and health in design practice
  • 4 AIA CEU HSW Credits
  • Gain scientific understanding and knowledge of material health from a design perspective
  • Enhance your personal design language with technical information
  • Learn relevant information directly from designers: the course was created by designers, for designers, with a design perspective
  • Diversity of expertise of featured advisors provides a holistic approach to the topic
CRN 6401 - PCID 0601 X1
Enrollment type: Healthier Materials and Sustainable Buildings Certificate
Counts towards: CEU for Continuing Education Credits: 4 AIA CEU HSW
Course fee: $50 + fees
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