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Furniture Design

Students investigate all aspects of furniture design, including materials, fabrication techniques, form, style, drawing, and production. Emphasis is placed on scale, human factors, and industrial application. This course also covers the relationship of interior space, structure, and product purpose to object design. This is not a studio fabrication course, although scaled prototypes may be produced.

Jun 03 - Jul 10
Monday & Wednesday
7:00 - 9:30 PM
Summer 2019
CRN 1411
What you will learn
  • The ability to communicate 3-D ideas on a 2-D surface using projective drawing standards.
  • Technical abilities including precision, line-weight, composition, layout, and rendering.
  • Professional discipline of time management, organizational skills, interpersonal skills.
  • Creative thinking, exhibiting a variety of approaches, concepts, processes and iterations.
  • Clear expression of ideas in oral presentations and critiques.
  • An ability to think visually, volumetrically and spatially.
  • Standard Orthographic drawing types: 2-D Orthographic, and Perspective.
  • Drawing fundamentals of point, line, plane, shape, volume, mass, weight, texture, space.
  • Spatial principles including scale, measure, proportion, rhythm, series, variety, emphasis.
  • Problem identification, interpretation and problem solving.
  • Critical, analytical and strategic thinking.
  • Effective visual communication.
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