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Basic Interior Space Planning

This is an introduction to planning interior spaces for students without drafting skills. Learn what it means to be an interior designer and apply conceptual approaches to interior design problems. Through sessions on color, scale and proportion, lighting, furniture arrangement, floor and wall treatments, and client psychology, learn to conceptualize and plan creative solutions for interior spaces. Master freehand drawing of floor plans. Complete one interior design project, from beginning concept through finished visual and verbal presentation. Learn about the use of equipment, tools, and scale drawings.

Elizabeth Kendall
Elizabeth Kendall
I believe that teaching students to write well is the equivalent of teaching them to think well. For me, writing is the critical component of a liberal arts education; it enhances everything else. Selection of courses taught: Nonfiction workshops Cultural Criticism Structure and Style (Introduction to Poetry, Drama, Fiction) Reflections of race and Gender in American Culture: The Woman's...
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Jun 03 - Jul 10
Monday & Wednesday
7:00 - 9:30 PM
Summer 2019
CRN 1838
What you will learn
  • Principles of scale in design
  • Basic principles of space planning (various approaches)
  • Basic representation techniques
  • Color, materials, lighting and furnishings in interior design
  • Programming and client requirements
  • Students will be able to transform a rudimentary concept into a design
  • Students will be able to make use of diverse materials in their design concepts
  • Students should be able to integrate lighting into their design concepts
  • Students will know and be able to make use of color in their design concepts
  • Students will be able to integrate all of the above into presentation boards and how to present to a client
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