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Basic Drafting

An introduction to the preparation of drawings for architectural purposes. Topics covered include identification and use of drafting equipment, drafting in scale, basic lettering, line weights, and standard notation conventions. The emphasis is on orthographic projections related to floor plans, elevations, and ceiling plans. Trade information related to the practice of architectural and interior design is integrated throughout the curriculum. Learn the skills and techniques necessary to express any design concept graphically. Drafting tools are required. Materials cost approximately $100.

Joseph Heathcott
Joseph Heathcott
  In the Fall of 2019, Prof. Heathcott will be teaching at the Paris campus of Parsons School of Design, and serving as a visiting fellow at L'École Urbaine, Sciences Po.   Select interviews with Prof. Heathcott With the Yale University School of Architecture Graduate Student Newspaper.  With Vice magazine on recent work in Mexico City. With the editors of the Journal of Arts Writing by Studen...
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Jun 03 - Aug 04
Summer 2019
CRN 1998
What you will learn
  • Create a full set of formal drawings including floor plan, elevations, reflected ceiling plan
  • Understand plans and elevations and general concepts of architectural drawings
  • Understand use of drafting tools
  • Understand line weights and graphic symbols
  • Understand orthographic projection
  • Learn basic concepts for surveying and drafting the information
  • Learn trade information and sequence of design and construction
  • Gain the skills and techniques necessary to express any design concept graphically
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