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The Art of Film

The Art of Film lays the foundation for understanding the practical techniques, specialized language, and unique aesthetics of motion pictures. We will explore the expressive range of cinematic language and the ways in which complex emotions and ideas are communicated to the viewer. Students analyze the basic elements of cinematic form as seen through essential properties of the medium including editing, cinematography, production design, and sound design and gain an appreciation of film history and for the impact of culture and technology on the development of the cinema. The filmmaking process and the impact of the “industry” on this collaborative art are also studied. While the work of the director is only one aspect studied, we discuss various films by directors including Michelangelo Antonioni, Alfred Hitchcock, Yasujirō Ozu, Agnès Varda, and Orson Welles among many others. Supplemented by readings, students acquire a general familiarity with the range of cinematic expression and become better prepared to form surer and sounder judgments about our own film experiences and to speak and write about those judgments with greater clarity and skill.

  • Programs: Online Learning
  • Format: Online
  • Section: A
  • Course Number: CRN 1458 - NFLM 3411 A
Farrah Qidwai
Farrah Qidwai
R. Farrah Qidwai is a part time Assistant Professor of Film Studies at The New School for Public Engagement.  She has been a member of The New School community since 2001 and has taught Film studies since 2012.  She is a former Fulbright scholar who conducted research on filmic representations of the Muslim female body in 1970s Hindi Cinema and teaches a course at The New School that touches upon this topic. She ...
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Jan 22 - May 13
Spring 2019
CRN 1458
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