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Essay Writing: Truth & Culture
Essays in their myriad forms are everywhere -- blogs, books of poetry, newspapers, digital magazines, and emerging publications of every kind. Arguably our most contemporary form, combining the immediacy and intimacy of a personal voice with the exploration of broader themes, essays written and read in this course will push into cultures’ most vulnerable corners, seeking to reveal--not necessarily shock--the reader w...
  • Programs: Online Learning
  • Format: Online
  • Course Number: CRN 1355 - NWRW 0017 A
  • Liu, Betty
Jun 03 - Aug 04
Summer 2019
Writing About the Arts
If everyone's a critic, why do we need arts writers? This writing workshop investigates arts journalism—encompassing theater, screens, architecture, food, dance, opera, fashion, music visual arts, books, and more—and what it means to be a feature writer or critic in the 21st century. We look with an editor's eye at classics (think: Edmund Wilson to Susan Sontag) and contemporaries (beyond your New Yorker). Weekly wri...
  • Format: On Campus
  • Course Number: CRN 1996 - NWRW 3881 A
  • Portwood, Jerry
Jan 24 - May 09
On Campus
8:00 - 9:50 PM
Spring 2019
Writing for Artists
Writing is performance. Visual artists, designers, musicians, writers, dancers, filmmakers, actors, artists of every kind come together in a supportive workshop environment to develop their writing skills. Students practice the skills of argumentation, research, and clarity of expression that benefit critical pieces as well as the kinds of writing they are likely to have to produce as professional artists or critics...
  • Programs: Online Learning
  • Format: Online
  • Course Number: CRN 1302 - NWRW 1030 A
  • Reilly, Rebecca
Jun 03 - Aug 04
Summer 2019
Do it Yourself Guide to Public Relations
There are no more media gatekeepers. Today, anyone with a cause to pitch or a company to launch can create a low-or-no cost media platform to reach consumers, the media and more. Launching a platform is one thing, however, planning, creating a theme, and promoting a new business, a book, or a cause is another issue that involves strategy, creative thinking, writing and execution. In this course we cover everything st...
Jun 03 - Aug 04
Summer 2019
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