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Service and User Experience Design
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Designing Care Experiences & Interactions
This course advances the practice of design in healthcare by examining how it can be framed through the lens of human scale. We share examples across disciplines and healthcare contexts to gain an understanding of how design gestures (spaces, tools, artifacts, and communications) can produce value for both patients and providers. Students create their own proposals for design innovation in their chosen context, using...
Oct 01 - Nov 03
Fall 2019
Designing Care Services & Systems
Design is contributing to new ways of delivering care at a service level--from digital solutions to product-service systems. In this course, we explore how systems of care are being transformed through design. Whether for organizational change or industry disruption, design is a critical component in the transformation of healthcare as we know it. Counts as a required course toward the certificate in Human-Centered H...
Nov 04 - Dec 15
Fall 2019
Design Thinking for Human Centered Healthcare (Online)
This course will introduce students to the unique design opportunities within healthcare and some of the methods used for applying design thinking to these challenges. Taking a project-based approach, students will learn to identify opportunities to create impact in their chosen context, understand the human experience of care, and develop strategies to shape a more human-centered experience for patients, staff, clin...
Aug 26 - Sep 29
Fall 2019
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