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Writing for New York City Newpapers, Magazines, and Webzines
The New York Times, the Daily News, Newsday, the Village Voice, Time Out New York, and the New Yorker all use freelance writers for profiles, features, reviews, news stories, humor, and editorials. Taught by a writer whose work has appeared in more than 100 publications, this course reveals the secrets of breaking in. Topics covered include tailoring pieces to specific columns, writing a perfect cover and pitch lette...
Apr 01 - May 13
On Campus
6:00 - 9:50 PM
Spring 2019
Style and Effectiveness
This seminar addresses factors that contribute to prose style and effectiveness. Exemplary essays highlighting essential components are read and discussed, stylistic exercises provide practice, and responses in essay form to the assigned readings are workshopped.
Apr 10 - May 08
On Campus
6:00 - 7:50 PM
Spring 2019
Centering Your Brand
This workshop, targeted to students and working professionals who intend to establish or have an existing business or brand in a creative industry, pairs design and brand strategy. Students, who seek to achieve their goals and refine their voice and expression, explore their unique vision through our interactive, hands-on workshop-style course. Prerequisites: none.
  • Format: On Campus
  • Course Number: CRN 5266 - PCFD 0820 A
  • Lau, Bliss
Apr 13 - Apr 27
On Campus
10:00 - 5:00 PM
Spring 2019
Graphic Design 1
Learn design fundamentals and concept develop- ment as they relate to typography, composition, and color. Discover what makes the difference between ordinary images and powerful, effective graphics. Strengthen your design communication skills and develop your style and vision as you transform your concepts into finished design. The class explores the concept of visual communication in terms of the triad of message, f...
Mar 04 - May 12
Spring 2019
Fashion Flats
Flat sketching is an essential part of garment production. It communicates details in the design and construction of a garment, from concept to marketing. This course introduces the professional techniques used to create fashion flats, ranging from traditional hand sketching to the use of Adobe Illustrator to produce sketches digitally in a vector format. Prerequisite: Familiarity with the Mac operating system. Knowl...
Mar 04 - May 12
Spring 2019
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