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Certificate Programs
Digital Core:Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
This course provides an overview of presentation graphics through the use of the Adobe Creative Suite in the order of Adobe Photoshop (5 weeks), Illustrator (5 weeks), and InDesign (2 weeks). Weekly homework assignments and projects will provide students with a basic understanding of each software program and how they can best be utilized for different tasks and techniques in creating digital design work. Students wi...
  • Programs: Certificate Programs
  • Format: On Campus
  • Course Number: CRN 2005 - PCDD 0400 A
  • Graber, Andrew
Jun 04 - Jul 16
On Campus
Tuesday & Thursday
7:00 - 9:30 PM
Summer 2019
Digital Imaging w/ Photoshop 1
Acquire a working knowledge of this industry-standard software, used for print, webpages, animation, presentation, video production, and enhancement of traditional and digital photography. Explore scanning and color correction, tools and layers for image compositing, elemental retouching, and type treatments. Prerequisite: familiarity with the Mac operating system, Photoshop Basics, or equivalent. Online students mus...
Mar 04 - May 12
Spring 2019
Digital Layout: Adobe inDesign
In this course, we explore the potential of InDesign as a design tool. InDesign is the industry-standard program for professional page layout. The focus of the class is on using the features of InDesign to develop design skills. There is an emphasis on typography. Discussions include design critiques, in which students learn how to analyze design and how to give and receive constructive criticism. Prerequisite: Famil...
Mar 04 - May 12
Spring 2019
Typography 1
An in-depth understanding of typographic concepts and methods is essential for effective visual communication. Students examine the evolution of the alphabet and the history and basics of typographic style (with an emphasis on 20th-century type design and application). Projects help students understand the difference between legibility and readability and develop a discerning eye and the ability to create effective a...
Mar 04 - May 12
Spring 2019
Graphic Design 1
Learn design fundamentals and concept develop- ment as they relate to typography, composition, and color. Discover what makes the difference between ordinary images and powerful, effective graphics. Strengthen your design communication skills and develop your style and vision as you transform your concepts into finished design. The class explores the concept of visual communication in terms of the triad of message, f...
Mar 04 - May 12
Spring 2019
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