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Business of Design
Design Thinking for Better Business
It seems as if design thinking is all the rage these days. Eager to learn more about what exactly design thinking is and how you can apply design-led methodology to develop effective solutions to your business challenges? In this hands-on, intensive 2-day workshop, learn how design thinking tools can be applied to any industry, challenge, or opportunity to change outmoded dynamics and lead to new approaches. You’ll b...
Apr 20 - Apr 21
On Campus
9:00 - 5:00 PM
Spring 2019
Designing Care Services & Systems
Design is contributing to new ways of delivering care at a service level--from digital solutions to product-service systems. In this course, we explore how systems of care are being transformed through design. Whether for organizational change or industry disruption, design is a critical component in the transformation of healthcare as we know it. Counts as a required course toward the certificate in Human-Centered H...
Apr 08 - May 12
Spring 2019
The Skilled Professional: Designing Your Future
Your professional future looks to be one not dominated by a set of predetermined career paths and antiquated dogma, but by a series of unique paths, jobs and roles made up by courageous individuals, like yourself, who will carve their own way, and not only earn a living, but ‘(l)earn’ their living. This course will assess your expertise and interests, and through designing future scenarios, will re-frame your persona...
Mar 04 - May 12
Spring 2019
Designing Impact: From Idea to Proof of Concept
In this course, students will solidify their own social venture idea and will learn skills and strategies to create and test prototypes of their venture ideas as a means of developing a proof of concept. Students will also deepen their understanding of the ecosystem (field or industry) in which they are working and their theory of change in order to strategically intervene within that system to achieve scalable impact.
Mar 25 - May 05
Spring 2019
Centering Your Brand
This workshop, targeted to students and working professionals who intend to establish or have an existing business or brand in a creative industry, pairs design and brand strategy. Students, who seek to achieve their goals and refine their voice and expression, explore their unique vision through our interactive, hands-on workshop-style course. Prerequisites: none.
  • Format: On Campus
  • Course Number: CRN 5266 - PCFD 0820 A
  • Lau, Bliss
Apr 13 - Apr 27
On Campus
10:00 - 5:00 PM
Spring 2019
More than a course.
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