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Spring 2019
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Mixed Media:Contemp. Fusion
This mixed media studio course is geared to students interested in experimenting with a variety of art materials and combining photo imagery with the transparent textures of paint and layering techniques. A variety of media and processes will be used: water-soluble pencils and crayons, acrylic paints, inks, collage layering of textured papers from vintage magazines and books, photo transfers, and digital prints. Stud...
Mar 09 - Apr 20
On Campus
1:00 - 3:30 PM
Spring 2019
Graphic Design 2
Students develop their conceptual and technical skills through sessions in both a nondigital studio and a digital lab. They work on projects that incorporate research, illustrations, and graphics and represent a range of ideas- literal and abstract, metaphorical and symbolic. Discussion of professional practices and class critiques strengthen students’ ability to present a total graphic concept. Prerequisite: Graphic...
Mar 04 - May 12
Spring 2019
Films of Pedro Almodovar
This five-week class explores the celebrated work of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, as part of the one-credit auteur series of courses exploring race, class, gender and sexuality in the Melodrama genre. This auteur series seeks to investigate how the Melodrama – a film genre typically associated with Classic Hollywood – has historically and contemporarily been utilized to simultaneously reinforce and subvert hegem...
Feb 25 - Apr 07
Spring 2019
Films of Pedro Almodovar CT Lab
Feb 25 - Apr 07
Spring 2019
World Cinema CT Lab
ONLY Film Production Certificate students are required to sign up for this non-instructional lab. This course carries no credit or formal schedule. All certificate students must register for the corresponding CT LAB section of every required and elective class they are enrolled in. The CT LAB accounts for the minimum of 5-hours per week outside of class that students are expected to work on graded assignments requ...
  • Programs: Certificate Programs
  • Format: On Campus
  • Course Number: CRN 3466 - NFLM 0043 A
  • Heuson, Jennifer
Jan 28 - May 13
On Campus
3:27 - 3:27 PM
Spring 2019
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