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Spring 2019
Drawing Interiors: Perspective and Rendering
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Data Visualization Portfolio
To conclude the Data Visualization and Storytelling Certificate program, this course will specifically focus on preparing students with a tangible digital portfolio of data visualization projects that showcase their ability to perform in the contemporary Data Viz workplace. It will involve building an online portfolio site and guest lectures from Data Visualization working professionals. It will allow hands on portfo...
Apr 01 - May 12
Spring 2019
Implementing Technology and Support Systems
The needs of online learners and faculty are unique. These needs become even more relevant when the next generation learners are technology centered and contain certain expectations about online learning. Therefore, organizations must now adapt to these needs by commencing the building of online learning support systems that can be flexible and evolve in design and management. This course will focus on a wide range o...
  • Format: Online
  • Course Number: CRN 7990 - PCSP 0841 X1
  • Vivolo, John
Feb 25 - Apr 07
Spring 2019
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