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2019 Summer Intensives Studies Program Highlights & New Courses for Next Year

October 8, 2019 at 1:15AM
2019 Summer Intensives Studies Program Highlights & New Courses for Next Year

We’re beyond ready to slip into sweater weather and gobble up everything pumpkin-spice, but not before looking back at some of our favorite highlights from the last summer season. 

This year’s Summer Intensives Studies program at Open Campus gave us plenty of memories, amazing projects, and experiences to reflect back on. Read on to celebrate the summer fun all over again, and get even more excited for next year!

  • Our Summer Intensive students are always taking advantage of the opportunities to build up their portfolios with the projects they create in class. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“I love being a creative director and hope to have a business of my own involving work within the creative community. I want to be able to travel and share with thousands of people. I truly believe that every experience is a learning experience, and taking these intensive classes is amazing because you get to immerse yourself in something that can change your life.”  — Mei, SIS Graphic Design 

“In my course, Design and Management, I was given a design brief to get children to go outside and get physical exercise, as well as develop social skills that they currently lack by staying inside on their devices all day. So, I approached that problem by developing a smart, wearable device that encourages children to go outside and engage with one another...It’s called Active Tech, and it’s a smartwatch but it lacks a lot of the other capabilities of smartwatches, such as a touch screen and WiFi connect-ability, in order to ease kids off of their device. It features games with narrative design stories that allow kids to go outside and through different journeys with one another, while gaining physical exercise and staying engaged.” — Andrew Derrico, SIS Design and Management

“I cannot believe how much I grew in hard skills in the Sewing and Construction course. I have to thank my professor, Joe Pescatore, for his attentiveness, patience, and clarity as he taught us everything from threading machines, creating custom patterns, and working with a variety of fabric types. Some days, I would make the same sewing mistake again and again and he would advise me on how to improve for next time. I feel incredibly proud of the four pieces I created, and I feel a deep sense of ownership over my design process since I was given so much freedom to explore.” Madeleine, SIS Sewing & Construction

  • Throughout the summer, Students participated in a variety of campus-hosted activities and events, discovering inspiration around New York City, and making connections with like-minded creatives. We’re always looking to organize these special adventures so the fun never stops. A few highlights from this summer includes:

    • Browsing The Strand Bookstore

    • Broadway Trip: Mean Girls

    • The Mets v. The San Diego Padres

    • Kayaking at Pier 26

    • Roller Skating at Brooklyn Bridge Park

    • OZY FEST

    • NYC Thrifting (Recommended: L Train Vintage, Beacon's Closet, Cure Thrift Shop, and Buffalo Exchange)

  • More than 400 students from our pre-college and college/adult Summer Intensives exhibited final projects during our June and July Open Studios exhibitions. 

  • Don’t let the end of summer get you down— especially when next year brings even more excitement! We’re launching new courses for SIS 2020, including Interactive Web Development with Parsons, and welcoming Mannes Prep into our Summer Intensives fold with Animation and Film Scoring, DJing and Production, Electronic Music Composition and World Music. Next year, be sure to join us!

For more information on our Open Campus Summer Programs, visit here and be sure to follow us on Instagram at @parsonsprecollege

Written by Casey O’Connell for Open Campus.

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