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3 Takeaways from Create & Cultivate, Los Angeles

March 7, 2018 at 9:45AM
3 Takeaways from Create & Cultivate, Los Angeles

Create & Cultivate is not your average conference. With keynote speakers like Lauren Conrad, Chrissy Teigen, and Kim Kardashian, the one-day conference boasts serious networking opportunities with like-minded women entrepreneurs who know a thing or two about personal branding. We were a sponsor of this year’s conference on February 24th in Los Angeles, and we brought Gokce Gizer, an Open Campus faculty member and business owner, to speak on a panel. 

During the day, over 1500 digital creatives, marketers, bloggers, and media influencers participated in panels, pop-ups, mentorship workshops, and more, all in the name of finding your passion and purpose! Here are just a few of our top takeaways from the event.

Learn From One Another, No Matter What Stage In Your Career

Gokce Gizer, who teaches Design and Innovation for Sustainable Business and works as co-founder and CEO of the NYC-based consulting agency Onkaro, was invited to serve on a panel designed to help you craft your perfect personal or business pitch. Throughout the day, she also noticed that it was not just the audience members who benefitted from the resources shared on the panel and that in many cases, collaborations were blossoming throughout the venue. Gokce adds, “Being among such inspirational, successful, and passionate women was an incredibly empowering experience for everyone. I really appreciated the common emphasis on passion, perseverance, and authenticity as you hustle to build something, whether it's your career, a company, or a movement.” With so much creative energy in the air, there were endless opportunities for people to learn from one another and from each other’s past failures and successes to inspire their next big thing. 

Find Positivity In Your Job By Being Yourself

Sure, we all have stressful work days, but doing something that gives you a sense of accomplishment can be essential in getting (and staying) motivated in your career. Piera Gelardi, co-founder of Refinery29, remarks,  “Bringing joy, satisfaction, and learning into your own strengths at work is so necessary.” We couldn’t agree more. We encourage you to do an audit of your work life, and find ways that you can infuse more of what makes you, you into your career. Wondering where to start? We’ve got a guide for that.

Seek Out Experts When You Need Them

Keynote speakers can be inspiring, but what if you have more questions? What if you need guidance on exactly how to write your next business plan, optimize your social media channels, or lead a design team? We were proud to be the sole education sponsor at Create & Cultivate, and much of the feedback we received was from attendees who wanted to gain more in-depth knowledge about everything from business licensing to public relations from experts in their industries. Even though we aren’t based in LA, you can still have that sort of personalized, classroom experience through online courses or certificates from Open Campus! 

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