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January 17, 2019 at 11:05AM

Introducing a brand new, entirely online course in Commercial Interior Design. In this course, you will explore the design process for a commercial project in a studio environment. Begin with a concept and develop your idea into a coherent interior space, exploring issues of spatial layout and significance, materials and finishes, lighting, and furniture. 

This course, led by Jennifer ‘Becca’ Roderick, taps into the expertise of industry leaders to bring you leading design trends, tips and techniques helpful to your development. Becca is currently the Director of Interior Design at One King's Lane’s newly minted in-house design studio, The Studio, and was previously a Senior Designer at AvroKO. She brings her hands-on extensive experience working with top retail and hospitality brands to the course.


"Design isn't only about the way a room looks, it's also about how that space makes you feel.” - Becca Roderick

With assistance from today’s technology, this online course features interviews with leading professionals in the field, and video field trips to custom furniture fabricators and construction sites, including some that you may view via 360 video. With the advantage of being able to virtually visit showrooms and explore on-site spaces from anywhere in the world, this course offers the opportunity for digital immersion into the very spaces you’ll learn to create. 

At the end of the course, students will present their final projects, complete with rendered drawings and a materials board. This will enable the creation of real, well-developed content to advance your portfolio.

You will learn:

  • The processes, methods, and techniques used in the design of interior spaces

  • How to analyze spatial problems, express visual ideas, and develop design responses

  • How to develop an understanding of spatial systems and their application in the production of interior spaces through an iterative series of design exercises

  • To produce proposals that are both strongly conceptual and beautifully represented

  • To address the experiential components of spaces, such as light, movement, and sequence


  • Develop design values and understand the design process

  • Master the application of research to the design process

  • Represent space in two and three dimensions

  • Understand principles of scale in design

  • Understand and integrate natural and artificial light into the design of an interior

  • Understand the body in space, including sensory and experiential aspects of design

  • Learn to meet programming and client requirements

  • Develop color, materials, objects, and furnishings in interior design

  • Create real, functional portfolio content

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Written by Casey O'Connell for Open Campus.

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