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How Brands at SXSW Are Creating Businesses for Good (And How You Can Too)

March 12, 2019 at 10:07PM
How Brands at SXSW Are Creating Businesses for Good (And How You Can Too)

This year at SXSW, brands across industry, from healthcare to housing to design, are all about making an impact beyond the bottom line. There’s a collective reckoning taking place that brands, especially in new tech spaces, have just as much capacity to leave a lasting positive impact as they do a negative one. 

Brands creating products for the consumers focused on making sure their core values embedded inclusivity, design thinking for human-centered business practices, sustainability and equity directly into their business models from the outset. It’s not just for the greater good, it’s also good for business

Take EarnUp, a financial technology company that seeks to help vulnerable communities bypass predatory payday lenders through their financial management platform. With their technology ‘30% of EarnUp users report fewer missed payments since they started using the application, based on a 2018 internal study. In addition, 80% of EarnUp's users report that they were able to automate their loan payments for the first time,’ according to EarnUp President and Co-Founder, Nadim Homsany.

Also in attendance was EverlyWell, a health and wellness company based in Austin that works with doctors and medical labs in order to deliver a personalized and actionable understanding of a customer’s health with 30+ at-home lab tests including tests for food sensitivity, cholesterol, women’s health and STDs. 

Then there was The New School itself, who’s Dean of Fashion Burak Cakmak, along with faculty Brendan McCarthy in partnership with refugees and the United Nations Population Fund lead a panel on developing menstrual undergarments through collaboration and iteration with those who will be using the product. 

What do all of these initiatives have in common? They champion transparency and are actively invested in improving society through putting people first.

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Written by Morgan Ersery for Open Campus

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