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Industry Snapshot: Infographics & Data Visualization

August 21, 2018 at 1:05AM
Industry Snapshot: Infographics & Data Visualization

If you are a professional considering a transition into a field that requires an enhanced understanding of data visualization techniques, with opportunities expanding from tech to healthcare, journalism, and even finance and law, your timing couldn’t be better.

IBM predicts that the demand for data scientists will increase by 28% over the next 3 years. Professionals involved in data science specialize in turning raw, big data into readily-digestible, visually pleasing, and emotionally compelling stories. As the data science field grows rapidly, our Infographics & Data Visualization certificate will help supply professionals with the tools to land the jobs that utilize these specific skills. 


If you are interested in this evolving field, we’ve prepared a handy guide with some further insights, hiring trends, and resources to help get you started. 

What is Data Visualization?

From Fitbit usage, to Google searches, to Venmo transactions, to Tinder swipes and Snapchats sent, unprecedented amounts of data are collected daily, and there is a growing need for individuals possessing the skills to sort through all of this data and make sense of it. Companies collecting thousands of cells of data points are still finding ways to tap into their enormous potential. As more data is collected and used by businesses and organizations across North America and Europe, individuals are needed to interpret the data and create forms of visual communication for sharing and learning from the collected information. Data visualization is a necessary skill providing the tools to understand, analyze, and interpret complex data streams into a visual format, combining 3 disciplines: Graphic Design, Statistics, and Computer Science. 

To gain some insight and a better understanding of the industries looking for employees with the technical and design knowhow provided by data visualization expertise, we’ve done some of the busywork in putting these skills to use on the job market by synthesizing an overview of occupations in demand, organizations currently hiring, and locations where industries that value these skill sets are on the rise:

  • Top Posted Occupations

    • Graphic Designers

    • Software Developers, Applications

    • Web Developers

    • Industrial Engineers

    • Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

    • Management Analysts

    • Public Relations Specialists

    • Marketing Managers

    • Computer Occupations, All Other

    • Computer and Information Systems Managers

      (Source: EMSI)
  • Top Companies Posting

    • Oracle Corporation


    • The Creative Group


    • Deloitte LLP

    • Aquent LLC

    • Robert Half International Inc.

    • Anthem, Inc.

    • AMF Bowling Inc.

    • Cybercodes, Inc.

      (Source: EMSI)

  • Top Hiring Locations

    • New York, NY

    • San Francisco, CA

    • Chicago, IL

    • Seattle, WA

    • Washington, DC

    • Los Angeles, CA

    • Atlanta, GA

    • Boston, MA

    • Austin, TX

    • Dallas, TX

      (Source: EMSI)


As the professional spaces within technology and design continue to expand, companies have a high demand for employees with expertise in data analysis and visualization. 

Professionals with skills in graphic design, computer science, and data analysis can easily transition into industries that use infographics, visual storytelling, and business intelligence.

Here are some of the valuable skills employers are looking for in candidates with data viz experience. 

(Source: EMSI)


With vast industry change comes the challenge of keeping up with what is new. Stay on top of this change and find your next step with our Infographics & Data Visualization (Online) certificate program. 

Faculty currently working in the field as data scientists, designers, and analysts have helped develop this program to offer the flexibility and speed to fit your schedule. 

Upon completion of this certificate program offered by Parsons at Open Campus, students will learn the steps that need to take place in order for a huge dataset to become something that is digestible by mass audiences. Students will come away with a newfound understanding of how information can be brought to everyone in a way that makes sense visually, building on whatever foundation and background they already have so they may transition to work in demand from a current or entirely new field. The certificate courses include:

  • Data Visualization 101

  • Designing Information Graphics

  • Graphic Design for Visual Storytelling

  • Data & Analytics for Visualization & Business Intelligence

  • Data Viz Portfolio Development


Check out these additional resources to spark your interest and jumpstart your career in Data Visualization:

Written by Casey O'Connell for Open Campus.


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