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New Certificate: Designing Online Learning Programs

September 6, 2018 at 2:41PM
New Certificate: Designing Online Learning Programs

If you’re looking to assume a leadership position in digital education or training, our Designing Online Learning Programs certificate will give you the strategic know-how and confidence to serve students’ needs as an industry expert. 

Open Campus is proud to introduce the first project-based, faculty-led, online certificate in Designing Online Learning Programs, coordinated  by Robert Ubell, a leading expert in successful online program creation. Whether you are a faculty member, an administrator, or technical personnel in higher education, a corporate professional, or if you work in human resources or workforce training , this certificate gives you the skills to master contemporary online course delivery, digital learning technologies, digital marketing and recruitment strategies, virtual student services and online management and finance. 

Online learning is among the fastest-growing segments in higher education and corporate training. Today, it accounts for a third of all enrollments in the nation’s colleges and universities. As residential enrollment flattens or declines, virtual enrollment at state colleges and large universities is growing at a rapid speed.

Following the history and theory of digital education—framing crucial current conflicts in online pedagogy, technology, outcomes, and economic and social consequences—certificate students will be encouraged to assume reasoned positions designed to achieve the most fruitful impacts. 

Composed of four online courses, each lasting five weeks, this certificate is one of the most concise offerings of its kind. Courses include:

  • Designing Online Learning: 101

  • Implementing Technology and Support Systems for Online Learners

  • Leading the Online Learning Operation

  • Finding and Keeping Online Learners

Courses are offered online in a learner-engaged combination of recorded lectures, interactive digital activities, and opportunities for peer-to-peer participation and virtual teamwork. Request more information or register today.

Written by Casey O'Connell for Open Campus.

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