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New Pre-College Academy Courses Coming Spring 2019

December 14, 2018 at 10:05AM
New Pre-College Academy Courses Coming Spring 2019

Our Open Campus network is always growing, and we’re excited to announce brand new offerings for high school, middle, and elementary age students. Preview the new courses below to get a better sense of where your young student can start or continue their creative journey.

  • Web Design

    • For Grades 9-12
    • In this course, a mix of design, programming, and Internet theory, students learn solid typographic and design practices to make stunning websites, question Internet infrastructure and culture, and develop basic Interaction Design principles. 
    • By the end of the eleven weeks, students will gain coding skills in HTML and CSS, while developing a deeper understanding of our digital world.
    • Students will build a cool website and will also spend time discussing how social media functions and how they can add to that conversation. Many small projects work in conjunction with discussions on how the Internet affects people’s lives.
    • Enroll Here

  • Fashion Styling 

    • For Grades 9-12
    • This course provides the fundamentals of wardrobe styling. Students will have the opportunity to learn some of the core requirements that come with being a stylist: imagination, research, communication, and collaboration. Ultimately they will explore how to use clothing as a vehicle for storytelling. 
    • This course is taught by professional stylist, Pamela Shepard-Hill.
    • Students will develop the skill of processing ideas to build mood boards and have the chance to see some of their ideas come to life. This leads to hands-on experiences that teach students how to creatively and technically adjust for both on and off figure styling. 
    • Enroll Here

  • Digital Video & Photography

    • For Grades 6-8
    • New York City provides the visual inspiration for students as they explore themes and develop narratives using still photography and collaborate with classmates to create short films. 
    • In this course, students learn how to use DSLR cameras to compose strong images. They practice editing skills and techniques and explore online tools to enhance work. This class  is a great start for students building a portfolio of work.
    • Additional experience is gained in providing and receiving feedback through critiques, viewing current exhibits in NYC, and visits by professionals working in the field.
    • Enroll Here

  • Foundation Studio

    • For Grades 3-5
    • Students in this course will learn about observational drawing and the design process.
    • They will have the opportunity to work on two- and three-dimensional projects to examine and interpret everyday objects and places in new ways. 
    • Students will meet and learn from industry professionals who will visit class, and take various field trips for research, inspiration, and discovery. 
    • Enroll Here

  • Cartooning

    • For Grades 3-5
    • Students develop their ability to draw characters and create narrative sketches. 
    • In this course, students will learn how to change facial expressions and give motion to their drawings. It all starts with the creation of storyboards, the foundation of visual narrative and animation design.
    • Enroll Here


For questions about our programs or additional information, please contact: We hope to have you with us on campus this spring! 

Phone: 212-229-8933 X4076.

Written by Casey O'Connell for Open Campus.

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