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Summer Intensives Studies Program Highlights at Open Campus

September 10, 2018 at 1:05AM
Summer Intensives Studies Program Highlights at Open Campus

It seems like only yesterday we launched the beginning of the summer season. With the close of this year’s Summer Intensives Studies program at Open Campus, there are many amazing projects and learning experiences to reflect on. 

1. Students from 53 countries and 40 U.S. states joined us for the Summer Intensive Studies program. Let’s hear what some of these students are saying about their experience:

  • 17-year-old Architectural Design student Lucia Hepp offers advice for others who wish to enter the program and reveals the inspiration behind her final project.

    • “Do what first comes to your mind; follow your intention. I think that’s very important because you can let yourself be influenced by a lot of other things when you should trust your instincts. For my final project, I created a public bath which is this kind of utopia constructed out of a bunch of spheres and they’re all netted into trees, attached to the branches that hold it up. I was inspired by Antonio Pio Saracino, who creates visionary projects and architectural spaces. I find him to be more of an artist than an architect in that his ideas are very fantastical. His art gives me hope because he always talks about alternative living spaces and spaces for the future.” - Lucia Hepp, pre-college student from Germany

  • Pre-College Design & Management students highlight their favorite aspects of the course with their professor, Jack Roberts.

    • “Coming into this course I didn’t really know what it was going to be about because Design & Management is a bit broad. Now I have a much better grasp on it. And I made some amazing friends. Our instructor, Jack, has a lot of knowledge to share with everyone here, as he’s done a lot and he communicates his knowledge to us in a way we can understand.”Jeronimo Rojas, pre-college student from Mexico 

    • “As soon as we began doing projects in this course, I started to see how this can change a lot of things in the world. I learned a lot and I know where I want to head in life now because of this class and the amazing people that I met.” Caroline Klum, pre-college student from Norway

    • “This program was really amazing because I’m actually going to be attending Parsons this Fall. It opened up my eyes as to what my professors are going to be like, what the overall experience is going to be like, and it’s just been amazing to see the diversity at this school and the amazing people that I met. It’s really made me excited for my upcoming years here.” Aiden Luff, pre-college student from Colorado

  • Student Profile Preview: College/adult student, Liam Ellman, chatted with us about bringing his fashion designs to life in the Fashion: Sewing & Construction course.

    • “Throughout school I have adopted this mentality that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of from failure. If I get incrementally better each time, I will be happy with things. When pressure is kept low I can bring out a more creative side. I learn to riff off of these mistakes and it often leads me into wild places where I, myself, don’t know exactly what the thought process was to get there. I’m doing this for me.”

  • Stay tuned for our in-depth discussion with Liam, coming soon!!

2. Summer in New York City means plenty of opportunities for adventure and new experiences. Here were some of our favorite Summer Intensive Studies trips and events:

  • Art gallery visits

  • Paris Is Burning screening 

  • Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

  • Aladdin on Broadway 

  • Sunset yoga

3. More than 800 students from our pre-college and college/adult intensives exhibited final projects during our July Open Studios exhibition. Check out a few highlights to get a sense of the fantastic work from these creative minds. 

4. We launched our Parsons Pre-College Instagram! Now you can follow students’ accomplishments and program updates in real time.

Shoutout to pre-college student Maya, who hosted the first student takeover! 

For more information on our Open Campus Summer Programs, visit here and be sure to follow us on Instagram at @parsonsprecollege

Written by Casey O'Connell for Open Campus.

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