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Student Spotlight

Nidhi Garg
Fashion Design Certificate
"As an entrepreneur, I'm always refining my idea to serve my clients better, to form a better sustainable business model, and Parsons has made me more informed about the people that I am serving, which is very important for any company to understand."
Parsons Pre-College Certificate
“I had craved something more intense and in-depth to further my art education. I was just looking at art schools in the NYC area and came across the Pre-College Academy. I was super excited that there was a program available for someone like me who had a deep interest in the arts and needed more than just what the local school could offer.”
Design Thinking Fundamentals
“Creativity has taken many forms in my life, but it overwhelmingly has fueled the way I approach and solve problems – both personal and professional. Creativity is not afraid to fail, but is afraid of the status quo.”
Fashion Design
"I have learned that expanding your knowledge in an area or focus of life is really beneficial in taking your skills to the next level. Even a short, quality class can teach you the very essential skills you might have missed out on."
Graphic and Digital Design
"Through this program I was able to hone the technical skills I needed to be a competitive job candidate and meet people that helped guide me in the right direction and support my ideas."
Parsons Summer Intensive Studies alum
"It sets you in the right direction, so when you leave you are fully ready pursue your dreams."
Design Thinking Fundamentals
"It’s been perfect . The short course hits you with all of the relevant content, but none of the extra fluff."
Janet Lombardi
Writer & Author of Bankruptcy: A Love Story
"The ideas exchanged in the class helped me think about how to develop, complete the draft, and position or market my book."
Meet Ben, continuing education student in Media, Film and Technology, and his instructor Greg as we follow them behind the scenes to discover what's like to learn about cinema and the film industry at The New School's Open Campus.
Interior Designer
"My peers were all producing such quality work-- it was a very inspiring environment to be a part of."
“I believe that editing teaches you how to direct and directing teaches you how to write. And when you’ve got all three, you can make films. The New School gave me all three—plus teaching me about lighting, cameras, and distribution strategies. In short, it made me a filmmaker.”
“There are quite a variety of people, which makes every story unique, but there’s a universal component too.”
Interior Design
"Because I was transitioning into a new career, I needed to continue to work while I was studying and would not have been able to do a 4 year, or even a full-time 2 year program. With Parsons at Open Campus, I was able to spread my classes out in a manageable way while still working."
"I wanted to build writing back into my life in a structured way, with deadlines and assignments, so that’s when I looked into evening classes at Open Campus. I’d always been a little afraid to write fiction—I felt like I needed a well-formed idea or plot before giving it a go. But, that first year in New York, everything was new and the beginning fiction course provided the opportunity for fun, creative expression."

Featured Faculty

Patricia Beirne
Program Coordinator, Human-Centered Healthcare (Online) Certificate
Patty is a design researcher and strategist, and most recently MFA Studio Director and full-time faculty in the School of Design Strategies. She holds a master of industrial design from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and a BA in architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. Her work spans exhibition design, environmental design, information design and product. Her current practice is part of a systems-oriented approach to ethical consumer products, acknowledging the complex political, social and environmental contexts along the commodity chain and offering strategies that empower stakeholders to align their essential objectives and to work towards a collective preferred future.
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